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One beloved Coterie member and Belletrist Coterie Issue 1 contributor is making our “hare” stand on end—in a good way.  Lauren Turton is an incredibly talented photographer who captures striking and surreal portraits of strange figures in haunting landscapes. Her recurring character, “The Hare,” blends whimsy with a dark extravagance that we couldn’t help but fall in love with.  Her Kickstarter Campaign is currently underway. Show her some love!

Belletrist Coterie has hired a team of industrious elves to build and man (er, elf?) a pack-and-ship assembly line in its headquarters to help distribute some very special care packages to some very special people. Don’t get left out. Order your copy of BC Issue 1 today. It’ll be salted with a dash of elf-sweat, a touch of faerie dust, and a few scratchy bits of sand that were kicked up by the wild Arabian horses we wrangled to employ in delivering these treasures to your doorstep. They’re a notoriously testy breed, so have your carrots ready when you hear snorting and clomping at your stoop.

However, if you’re wondering why they’re not their already, it’s not because you’ve been forgotten. They have an incredible journey to undertake even before being loaded into the horses’ sturdy panniers. As we write this to you, your copy is probably drifting over the many minarets of Tunisia. We send each copy around the world via hot air balloon before directing them to your mailbox. We figure our readers will appreciate a well-traveled storytelling magazine more than one that’s only seen the insides of a USPS truck. As one reader exclaimed, “A storied storytelling magazine for all!”