Here’s the spiel: We are lucky enough to have enthusiastic backers, supporters, and friends who have paved the way for our first issue and beyond. All of our operations to date are funded by independent donations, fundraising efforts, and the kind promotions of everyone involved, from our featured contributors to our followers across the interwebs (check out our successful Kickstarter campaign).

While we are certainly promoting a product here (our magazine), we distribute it for free in the form of online editions, exclusive content, and meticulously curated pages aiming to give you the best art and stories from around the world. It costs nothing to join the Coterie, and we’re so grateful to have each and every one of you along for the ride. 

Copies of our print magazine and exclusive BC merchandise are offered as gifts to those who donate at certain levels. If you like writing and art of any kind that expresses a deep rootedness in the tradition and history of storytelling and feel like donating to support our cause, we love you already. If you want to receive a print copy of the magazine (or some other BC swag) in return for your donation, we love you even more. Just click here and follow the easy instructions to contribute to this all-important revival. Thank you all!

A brief PSA: One in three artists may suffer from poverty and starvation in this country each day. For the price of a cup of coffee (or herbal tea) you can change this! Make a difference with an online donation to Belletrist Coterie in order to ensure the longevity of a fresh face (and plump, robust body) among literary arts journals.

No donation too large or too small. Support the movement. Ignite the revival.



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