You all are so great. Like any good readers, you suspended your disbelief with our lengthy prologue, stuck with us through the rising action, and your willingness to “buy into” (ha!) our sputtering, rambling climax has made it one heck of glorious moment. But it’s not over yet. We’re not quite ready to embrace the falling action. The denouement is just a speck on the horizon.

Let’s put Freytag back in his sarcophagus for a moment and say what’s really going on: ISSUE 1 IS GOING TO THE PUBLISHER TOMORROW! Not to mention all of the totes, tees, and postcards are being spontaneously birthed via abiogenesis in a bubbling cauldron.

In the meantime, we’ve been battling some nasty glitches on Facebook as we attempt to convert our personal profile to a business “Page.” If it appears we’ve disappeared, it’ll only be for a moment. Toil and trouble, indeed.

If you’d like to get your daily dose of BC as you wait for your care package to arrive, we leave you to our own devices: a weakly wrought couplet, some social media icons, and a BC original video that features some darn good Whitman:

Be sure and follow BC please, 

across the web’s antipodes:


So much gratitude and love to you all,



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