Get Acquainted: Milly Stilinovic

BC is proud to be working closely with international journalist and freedom-fighter Milly Stilinovic for issue 1! Milly’s tireless work as a freelance critic and columnist has made her an authoritative voice on sundry juicy topics, from global politics to celebrity diets.

For Belletrist Coterie‘s inaugural issue, she’s contributing an exposé on child prostitution in Serbia. Each subsequent issue will feature a new article from this resolute and unflagging correspondent! Check out Milly’s very colorful bio below:

Milly Stilinovic, the offspring of two fiery broadcast journalists who authored black-listed books, was told from a very young age that history is always written by the victor. After spending an extensive period of time in communist Serbia and reaping the “spoils” of an oppressive regime that told its people that black was white and white was whatever the party declared it to be, she found this old maxim to be a reliable truth.

 The born and bred Australian Serb has experienced the horrors of war and passed borders in the dark of night with armed gunmen. She ran from NATO tomahawks and became a freedom-fighting statistic in the 2000 revolution which saw the overthrow of Milosevic’s stronghold regime. 

 These experiences only fortified her desire to discover and expose untold truths.

 Her only armour? A solid 13-year career in theater acting and a master’s in journalism. 

 She contributes her “wracting” (writer-acting) to Australian online publishers such as ninemsn, Red Scout and Scavenger.

 Stilinovic resides on the docks of Sydney Harbour with her long-suffering partner and her ever-depleting prized wine collection.


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