Submission Happy, Word Rich, and… Introducing Some More Contributors:

“The good news is: storytelling simultaneously celebrates what is universal in the human heart and what is unique within each family, community and culture. Sin boldly, and do tell!” ~~Carol L. Birch

The submissions have been pouring in this past week. We like that. We love it, in fact. Keep them coming. We are a bit shy on the art front, so ARTISTS PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ORIGINAL WORK so that we don’t have to come and seek you out.

We would also like to welcome two new contributors for Issue 1: Tristan Spinski, photojournalist and visual storyteller extraordinaire, and Milly Stilinovic, Serbian born, Australian-based journalist and immersive story hound. We are lucky and delighted to have them both, and look forward to showcasing their work!

Rounding out the eclectic musical talents of Baby Gramps and Old Man Luedecke, we are also exchanging words and thoughts with English musician Frank Turner… just to add some amazing and soul shaking punk rock to the first issue.

Did we mention to keep the submissions coming? We did? That’s because we want even more. We are still in the very-enthusiastic-phase. Blow us away. Stagger our senses. Explore the boundaries of words and art. You have until January 4th.

And now… one of our favorite Frank Turner songs to get your sensibilities roused and ready for a revolution:





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